CAC’s qualified health professionals provide a limited range of treatment services to help get you (or your organisation) back on your feet.
  Employee Assistance Programs
An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a proven strategy for assisting employees and their families with personal and work related problems, difficulties and concerns which they may experience from time to time. These problems, difficulties and concerns can and do affect the work performance of an employee. Many employers find that not only does an EAP assist in maintaining a productive workplace, it also contributes positively to staff retention.
  An EAP is based on the concern for the high human and financial costs to industry and the community of these problems which may manifest themselves in factors such as:
• Absenteeism
• Lateness for Work
• Poor Productivity
• High Staff Turnover
• Friction Between Employees
• Accidents in the Workplace.

In particular, the EAP can assist with:
Personal issues that relate to:
• Alcohol and drug abuse
• Emotional stress
• Loss or grief
• Family and relationship issues
• Financial Problems
• Medical and health problems
• Anxiety and depression
• Work/life balance.

Work related issues that relate to:
• Bullying
• Equal employment opportunity
• Harassment
• Interpersonal conflicts
• Performance/productivity
• Stress
• Vocational
• Retirement or redundancy
• Dealing with traumatic events.

By offering employees and their immediate families the opportunity to obtain professional assistance through counselling, on many occasions these problems, difficulties and concerns can be resolved before they impact upon the employee's work performance.

By actively encouraging self referral by employees and their immediate families, Employee Assistance Programs are early intervention strategies for workplaces.

Please do not hesitate to call 1300 786 860 to discuss how CAC can develop a program for your organisation.
  Private Counselling
The ever increasing demands of modern day life can sometimes be difficult to manage. When personal, work or relationship difficulties are thrown into the mix they can push our coping resources to the maximum. This can have a negative impact on our mood, behaviour, relationships and capacity to function at our best.
Psychological counselling can assist people to understand the nature of their difficulties and their reactions, and to build personal skills, resilience and confidence to deal with their particular life challenges.
CAC Corporate have a team of skilled and qualified female and male psychologists, who provide confidential psychological counselling. We are supportive and attentive in listening to people’s concerns, and use a range of proven and effective treatment approaches to suit each individual’s needs and goals.

Download our Psychological
Counselling brochure here
  We receive referrals through GPs, WorkSafe, TAC and organisations’ Employee Assistance Programs. Our psychologists are approved Medicare providers, which enables eligible clients to receive a financial rebate on attended sessions.

A specific area that we specialise in is workplace stress. Our psychologists have extensive experience assisting people experiencing stress symptoms in response to issues such as workload demands, workplace conflict, organisational change, career pressure and loss of confidence.

The range of life concerns we can help with include:
• Personal and workplace stress
• Emotional distress
• Anxiety/depression
• Family problems
• Relationship difficulties
• Physical injury

If you are unsure whether psychological counselling is right for you, we are happy for you to call us to discuss your situation and needs. All enquiries are welcome.

Critical Incident Response
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Clinical Advisory
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