Prevention and Advisory

CAC offers a range of services that prevent injuries in the workplace and enhance overall productivity and wellbeing. Some advisory services also offer organisations the opportunity to tap in to our significant experience and clinical knowledge to maximise the ability of people with injuries, disabilities or psychological issues to participate socially and economically in the community.

  Manual Handling Program
Every industry and workplace involves manual handling. Whilst the extent and frequency of manual handling varies from one organisation to the next, WorkSafe Victoria has found that poor manual handling practice is the biggest cause of injuries in Victorian workplaces.

Poor manual handling increases the risk of workplace injury, which can result in long-term reduction in quality of life, as well as significant costs for the employing organisation. The lack of effective or appropriate manual handling processes can also restrict output and productivity.

CAC provides tailored assessments and training to organisations in order to develop and maintain appropriate manual handling processes. Our Occupational Therapists are experienced in attending your workplace to determine the areas requiring attention, and to customise an intervention to meet your requirements.

Download our Manual Handling brochure here
  In many cases the implementation of a training program is most effective, as well informed staff are essential in creating and maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. Our manual handling training is customised to meet each organisation’s needs, in order to ensure maximum relevance and effectiveness.

Our services and interventions are guided by a holistic focus, as positive outcomes can only be achieved through addressing all relevant considerations. CAC’s manual handling training programs consequently feature a basic structure that includes:

• The human body and basic anatomy, including structure and function of the spine;
• What is manual handling?
• Identification of manual handling risk factors;
• Avoiding slips, trips and falls;
• Risk assessment and risk control;
• Lifting principles and technique;
• Manual handling as part of a team;
• Using mechanical aids; and
• What to do if you have an injury.

To discuss the needs of your organisation, and obtain a tailored quotation, please contact CAC on 1300 786 860.

Bullying and Harassment
CAC is highly experienced in assisting organisations to minimise the impact of bullying and harassment in the workplace, and ultimately eliminating it altogether. CAC psychologists are well qualified in understanding the complex interactions that occur when groups of people engage with each other on a regular basis, such as at work.

Our involvement in this area can include:
• Bullying and harassment training for all staff
• Bullying and harassment training for management
• Coaching with management on dealing with specific cases
• Mediation services for specific cases
• Consultancy services on developing a workplace culture where bullying and harassment are not tolerated

This type of involvement will not only assist in developing a more functional team, but in many industries it will also assist in achieving regulatory compliance around staff training.

A senior CAC consultant will meet with you, and other members of your management team if appropriate, to discuss your needs and to develop an individualised solution. Please contact CAC on 1300 786 860.

  Ergonomics Services
Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with fitting work to people. The effective application of ergonomic principles to the workplace creates positive outcomes through minimised risk of injury, and maximised productivity/efficiency of the workforce.
CAC provides tailored ergonomic interventions and solutions to organisations in order to develop a productive and safe work system. Our services have a holistic focus, taking into consideration:
• The physical capabilities of employees, (e.g. stature, strength, reach, endurance);
• The cognitive abilities of employees (e.g. information processing, memory, decision-making);
• The requirements of the relevant work tasks/duties; and
• The physical and organisational environment in which the work is performed.

Download our Office Ergonomics brochure here
  Our team of Occupational Therapists and Ergonomists is able to ensure that work tasks and the surrounding environment suit each worker, enabling the most effective working conditions. Interventions may include (but are not limited to) adjustment of workstation setup, provision and use of alternative seating or equipment, improved signage or information displays, alternative work scheduling or task rotation.

CAC tailors our services in order to meet the differing needs of each organisation. In many instances, we find the implementation of a training program has the greatest benefit, whilst remaining a cost-effective intervention.

Our training package is customised to meet each organisation’s needs, with a basic structure including:
• What is ergonomics?
• The aims and benefits of ergonomics;
• Basic anatomy and body mechanics;
• Office ergonomics and workstation setup (including practical demonstrations);
• Psychosocial factors at work; and
• Possible causes of pain/discomfort, and practical corresponding solutions.

Where a specialised intervention is required, one of our qualified Occupational Therapists can undertake an assessment of the workstation setup for the identified worker(s). Our assessments include provision of education to each worker, with a subsequent report clearly outlining the observations, any identified problems, and recommendations (including adjustments to workstation setup, scheduling of work duties, additional items of equipment, etc.).

To discuss the needs of your organisation, and obtain a tailored quotation, please contact CAC on 1300 786 860.

Team Building
“If you could get all the people in an organisation rowing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time”
Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

CAC’s experienced consultants can help you get there with training and consultancy services that will help to develop trust and accountability amongst your team, increasing commitment, accountability and the ability to deal effectively with conflict. This all contributes to an increase in focus on team results. CAC psychologists are well qualified in understanding the complex interactions that occur when groups of people engage with each other on a regular basis, such as at work.

The process would start with a CAC consultant assessing the functionality of your work team, and collaboratively developing strategies to bring that team closer together. This may include training, staff workshops, one-on-one coaching or facilitation of group activities. Such team building will increase engagement of the team, and allow simmering issues to be dealt with in a controlled way.

Call CAC on 1300 786 860 to discuss your needs.

Clinical Advisory
CAC’s team of health professionals are experienced in a variety of fields. We provide consultation to organisations and government departments to assist in internal decision making on clinical matters. Our experienced consultants provide clinical opinions by working closely with relevant staff and reviewing clinical information. CAC staff can do this as a one-off service, or as we do for some organisations, we can provide staff to work in your office on a regular basis.

Our management team will be happy to discuss this with you further on 1300 786 860.

Small Business Essentials
CAC has a specialist team approved by WorkSafe who provide small employers with advice, support and practical assistance about:
• Claims
• Return to Work (RTW)
• Developing a RTW plan

CAC consultants assist employers to meet their obligation and complete the following documents:
• RTW plan
• Reimbursement forms
• Electronic funds transfer forms

Discuss this service with your workers compensation agent and let them know CAC is your preferred provider.
  Management Coaching Services
Management Coaching is a one-to-one service dedicated to meet the work development goals of clients and to help them reach their full potential.

Issues our coaches can assist with include:
• Managing people
• Dealing with conflict
• Problem solving to enhance work practices
• Managing emotional reactions in self and others
• Strengthening teams and workplace relationships.

Download our Coaching Services
brochure here
  Whatever the presenting issues, our coaches aim to inspire and support coaching participants to achieve:
• Increased skills and effectiveness in their work;
• Personal growth and development;
• Re-energised commitment to career goals; and
• Enhanced wellbeing and positive outlook.

CAC coaches work dynamically with coaching clients to achieve clear and specific goals with demonstrable positive outcomes for the individual and the organisation. In so doing, our coaches draw on the evidence-based techniques of positive psychology to move beyond the traditional “fix what’s wrong” approach to a “build what’s strong” approach.

Coaching can be delivered in a range of ways:
• Face-to-face
• Telephone
• Email (with 24 hour response time)
• Individual sessions or packaged programs.

If you would like to discuss your coaching requirements or any other of our services please call 1300 786 860. Your enquiries will be welcomed.
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