Early Intervention

CAC supports many organisations to be able to identify and deal with workplace issues early. This is mainly related to psychological or mental injuries, and dealing with them before they become complex stress related workers compensation claims. CAC award winning early intervention services have helped make significant reductions to the workers compensation premiums of a range of organisations.

Pre-claim Case Management
Whilst Occupational Rehabilitation is often used as a case management tool after a workers compensation claim is lodged, it can also be extremely effective prior to that time. CAC offers employers a case management service to deal with emerging issues before they become major problems. In this way, CAC has assisted several organisations to prevent stress claims being made, and thereby reducing workers compensation premiums. Our experienced team is able to deal with the complex issues in a sensitive way, and provide support to all parties to ensure a safe return to work.

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  Mediation Services
Managing conflict is not an easy process as strong emotions and polarised positions are often expressed. While managers may be skilled and competent in dealing with a range of conflicts, there are occasions where the use of independent and professionally trained mediators can produce more timely, durable and meaningful outcomes.

CAC can provide rapid access to professionally trained mediators who are also psychologists and highly skilled in understanding and working with difficult interpersonal dynamics.

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  Our mediators work dynamically with the parties in conflict in:
• Identifying the parties’ different needs and values;
• Assisting the parties to safely discuss and explore their issues with each other;
• Encouraging and supporting open expression of emotions; and
• Actively creating a bridge of mutual understanding and cooperation.

CAC mediators have a very high success rate of resolved conflicts. The end outcome is a written agreement between staff that highlights their agreed actions and undertakings to positively manage their ongoing working relationship.

Mediation is a voluntary process, based on the parties’ shared desire to work through their issues of conflict to reach a mutually agreeable resolution. Our mediators will gladly advise managers on how best to raise the need for mediation with staff, and the key aspects of the process to discuss with them. Most notably, staff need to know that the content of what they discuss during mediation is strictly confidential.

Where more than two staff are involved in dispute or conflict, CAC are able to provide a separate model of service to deal with this.

If you would like to discuss your mediation requirements or any other of our services please call 1300 786 860. Your enquiries will be welcomed.

Management Coaching
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Workplace Support Services
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Critical Incident Response
Sometimes unexpected events occur that put a great deal of stress on your team. This might include the death of a colleague, a severe accident at work, an armed hold up or other distressing event. CAC provides a critical incident response to assist your team to work through the issues as a group or individually. CAC’s experienced psychologists are trained to handle the psychological responses and anxiety that can occur after critical events. This kind of support will help reduce the long term difficulties that can be experienced, and hence help your team return to full productivity quickly.

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Employee Assistance Program
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